Wednesday, 13 September 2017

{|} Alien Distress |\|/| Kindness story for Year 3 {|}

Alien Distress

Deep black space twinkled with white and cerulean blue stars. The peace was interrupted by a gunmetal grey ship glided across the dark expanse. The ship had bright lights and hi-tech consoles on-board. Solid light projections and flying robots acted as staff members. The spaceship was like a giant arrow and it was as big as over a hundred fully grown blue whales.

In the huge room in the middle of the ship, three distinguished aliens sat down on their levitating chairs. The biggest of them, an alien with purple skin, three fingers on each hand and four toes on each foot stood up. He pressed a button and spoke through it. “All aliens report to the meeting room, sector twelve.” Meanwhile, in one of the many restaurants, a skinny green alien with azure blue eyes and ears like trumpets heard the message and immediately began driving over to the middle of the ship on his floating pad.

“We have a problem” the head alien bellowed, his booming voice echoed all over the room. “Our power core is running out of power,”. A hologram of the power core materialized. “This ship runs on nelmonstone, one of the rarest elements in the universe”. The hologram of the power core turned into a hologram of a piece of nelmonstone. “It is only found on one planet; Noxu.” The planet showed on the hologram. “It is one of the most dangerous planets in the universe. It contains meat eating plants called hexteria and fast, dangerous dog-like creatures called Sinpads. There are also lots of active volcanos and acid pools. Nelmonstone can only be found at the core. Who wants to go on this mission to retrieve some nelmonstone”. The hologram turned off.

The green alien was called Gnorlend. He had the kind of body that didn’t seem like it could do anything. A few brave hands shot up, eager to go help. One of them was Gnorlend. As usual he didn’t get picked and an orange alien with bulging muscles got called. Minutes later, he came back, teleported by the ship. He was sweating and covered with scratches. Alien after alien got teleported to Noxu and they all came back the same, sweating and scratched. Soon, there was only one alien left, Gnorlend. The head alien let out a deep breath and asked him “What do you have to offer?”

After a few minutes of explaining, Gnorlend set to work. Not on Noxu, but on the power core. Hours of hard work later, he presented his work to the alien king. He had modified the core so that it ran on batteries powered by dirt and dust collected by the cleaning robots. He demonstrated by first showing them some dirt and some dust in a glass jar. He tipped the contents into a tube at the top of the core and pushing a button. Lights began to shine on the device and the ship began to go faster than ever. Impressed, the alien king presented Gnorlend the highest honour available, the Grand Klupfin award, only achieved by aliens that have done a great thing for the colony. There was a huge celebration and Gnorlend went to bed feeling warm inside, knowing he had done something great.

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