Wednesday, 13 September 2017

{|} Alien Distress |\|/| Kindness story for Year 3 {|}

Alien Distress

Deep black space twinkled with white and cerulean blue stars. The peace was interrupted by a gunmetal grey ship glided across the dark expanse. The ship had bright lights and hi-tech consoles on-board. Solid light projections and flying robots acted as staff members. The spaceship was like a giant arrow and it was as big as over a hundred fully grown blue whales.

In the huge room in the middle of the ship, three distinguished aliens sat down on their levitating chairs. The biggest of them, an alien with purple skin, three fingers on each hand and four toes on each foot stood up. He pressed a button and spoke through it. “All aliens report to the meeting room, sector twelve.” Meanwhile, in one of the many restaurants, a skinny green alien with azure blue eyes and ears like trumpets heard the message and immediately began driving over to the middle of the ship on his floating pad.

“We have a problem” the head alien bellowed, his booming voice echoed all over the room. “Our power core is running out of power,”. A hologram of the power core materialized. “This ship runs on nelmonstone, one of the rarest elements in the universe”. The hologram of the power core turned into a hologram of a piece of nelmonstone. “It is only found on one planet; Noxu.” The planet showed on the hologram. “It is one of the most dangerous planets in the universe. It contains meat eating plants called hexteria and fast, dangerous dog-like creatures called Sinpads. There are also lots of active volcanos and acid pools. Nelmonstone can only be found at the core. Who wants to go on this mission to retrieve some nelmonstone”. The hologram turned off.

The green alien was called Gnorlend. He had the kind of body that didn’t seem like it could do anything. A few brave hands shot up, eager to go help. One of them was Gnorlend. As usual he didn’t get picked and an orange alien with bulging muscles got called. Minutes later, he came back, teleported by the ship. He was sweating and covered with scratches. Alien after alien got teleported to Noxu and they all came back the same, sweating and scratched. Soon, there was only one alien left, Gnorlend. The head alien let out a deep breath and asked him “What do you have to offer?”

After a few minutes of explaining, Gnorlend set to work. Not on Noxu, but on the power core. Hours of hard work later, he presented his work to the alien king. He had modified the core so that it ran on batteries powered by dirt and dust collected by the cleaning robots. He demonstrated by first showing them some dirt and some dust in a glass jar. He tipped the contents into a tube at the top of the core and pushing a button. Lights began to shine on the device and the ship began to go faster than ever. Impressed, the alien king presented Gnorlend the highest honour available, the Grand Klupfin award, only achieved by aliens that have done a great thing for the colony. There was a huge celebration and Gnorlend went to bed feeling warm inside, knowing he had done something great.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Hansel and Gretel - Twisted

Hansel & Gretel

Once upon a time there dwelled on the outskirts of a large forest a poor woodcutter with his wife and two children. They lived in a spruce wood cottage with a stone chimney that was constantly bellowing out smoke.

One dark eerie night, when fog rolled in and there was no moon, two panic-stricken children trudged along the twisting, forbidding path. Gnarled trees reached out with their cinnamon coloured branches. Sinister eyes reflected the silver glare of the moon and the brunswick green leaves formed a roof over their heads, trapping them. The two children continued on, following the path their wicked stepmother set for them.

The two children were named Hansel and Gretel. Hansel looked like a skeleton, he had deep set brown eyes and was dangerously malnourished. Gretel was hardly any better than her brother. She was scrawny and her eyes revealed her forlornness. The path they were on soon opened up into a cramped little clearing. Crimson red and school bus yellow flowers were dotted around. In the very centre, a cottage made of candy sat.

At the sight of this, Hansel and Gretel halted in their tracks and started drooling. They were looking at the house the way a hungry dog would look at a juicy bone. The walls and ceiling were made of cinnamon scented gingerbread, the bushes were made of gummy sweets, the windows were made of sugar and the fence around the house was made of candy canes. Then, without hesitation they scampered over to it, ignoring the discomfort in their legs. It was midnight, but they didn’t seem to care. They immediately began devouring the house. Starting with the fence, moving onto the walls and then the roof. Before they got to halfway, an old lady came out. She was inside when she heard crunching sounds coming from outside. This ‘old lady’ had a gruesome pimple on her chin and wore an ink-like cloak.

The ‘old lady’ invited them into her cottage. Suddenly, the floor gave way and Hansel and Gretel plummeted into a solid steel cage. Moving on a conveyor belt, the cage moved to a massive oven. Hansel and Gretel banged against the bars but to no avail. Not one dent appeared in the bars. The cage lurched to a halt and the bottom swung open. Screaming their heads off, they tumbled towards the fiery inferno.

20 minutes later, two nicely done roasted children came out of the oven. The witch (You would have guessed she was one right?) sat at an amber coloured table and all through the forest crunching sounds could be heard.

The moral of this story is to never, never be greedy or you may end of being roasted alive.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Seeing through fresh eyes - SSE ad

Strolling through the clean box and sniffing the air, lots of scents travelled through my nose and I leapt onto a short tree without leaves. Looking around me I saw heaps of hairless apes holding silver sticks. They poked the brown and green lumps and then ate them. Many small suns hung from the canopy. Finding a cave, I entered and found myself staring at fires burning on smooth rocks. Hollow rocks that were split in half hung on small, stiff vines. I went over to one of the fires and wondered how it came out of nowhere. The fire licked a rock that one hairless ape held. It then got tipped over and I saw what those things had been eating. Tipped onto a flat slab of rock, it got carried out. I gazed at the fire in wonder. How did they capture suns? How did they make fire out of nowhere? My mind was bursting with hundreds of questions. I sauntered out of the cave and as I did, the things sitting down turned and looked at me.

How To Say Hello In Different Languages!

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Waikowhai Writing

I worked with Lance and Cade from Waikowhai Intermediate on two shared pieces of writing My writing is in RED

Dribbling the basketball repeatedly, i could hear the sound of it scraping through the ground. I passed the ball to my teammate which was ,I hoped was good, and watched the ball soar through the sky like a missile, arching down and falling through the sky. Time seemed to slow down as the ball fell through the hoop. It gave my team the point we needed to win the game as the game ended. 13-12. The crowd erupted and the losers scowled as they trudged out of the stadium like a kid that got grounded. Outside, there was a colossal crowd, barging into each other for an autograph from the star team. Onto our next game, I could hear the crowd going off as i stepped foot on the court. The ground started to look trippy because of all the flashy lights and the edits. The crowd roared like lions and the game started. My teammate passed the ball with the speed of a ninja and we scored, getting the first point. 1-0 The enemy got the ball and passed it through the hoop. 1-1. The Ref had declared as the game was tied “The game is first to Twenty Five” The opposing team had scored the previous point so we started with the ball. I dribbled the ball up until the half point, I shot the ball and it missed, skimming the basket and going over the side. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” The crowd was taken aback. The other team scored point after point and soon it was 18-1 to them.

Crouching stealthily in the corner, I waited for the enemy to walk past. The radar showed the enemy coming closer. He couldn’t see me, as I was at the  top of a abandoned building. Headshot! The game ended and the kill cam showed the death. We were playing ‘ Call of Duty Ghosts’. I got bored and said to my tired looking friend “I’ve decided to play a different game what should i play? I took out the disk and looked at the mountain of other games I had stacked like I was a construction builder with bricks. I decided on’ Minecraft ‘. I changed my mind and went with NBA 2K18. The game started. I chose a game and the match started. 3…  2…  1… I dribbled the ball...4 minutes later, I paused the game entering the last 5 minutes in the game, the score was 78-76 to us and decided to save and quit. I looked at my mountain of games I’ve decided to play…